5 Videos from Macho B Capture - AZ Game and Fish

Macho B, Arizona's only known long-term resident Jaguar in decades, was killed by Arizona Game and Fish after being captured and radio collared. After Game and Fish realized that something was wrong, Macho B was recaptured and euthanized. After an initial attempt to claim that the capture had nothing to do with Macho B's sudden bad health, it became clear that the stress of capture along with strong tranquilizers caused his subsequent death. Some believe that the euthanasia may not even have been necessary.

If all of this wasn't enough, after denying that they were attempting to capture a Jaguar, an inside source divulged that Game and Fish had had her collect female Jaguar scat as bait, which they then placed in a location known to be frequented by Macho B.

Here are videos of the capture of what appears, even with his old age, to be a very healthy and even robust adult male Jaguar.

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