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Marsh & Associates native fish labs have made available these resources.

From their Minckley library search page:

The entire reference library is available to view from this website, but not all references will have complete versions of the documents they refer. Exhaustive attempts to obtain copyright permissions were made during the process of scanning each document. In cases where permission was granted or the document was considered “public domain”, the full text based pdf is available online. In cases without permission, the document is still available in the physical library which will be housed at Arizona State University. Typical reference fields are searchable in the form below. In cases where high quality text pdfs were available online (and permission was granted to use them), they were used. In other cases, scanned pdfs were converted to text pdfs using the OCR software OmniPage 18. This process is not 100% foolproof, and errors are likely in documents with graphs and charts. If any document is impossible to interpret due to these errors, please contact us and we will attempt to fix the error. Also, you may ask Arizona State University to view the physical copy of the document.

For more information on the reprint library project of the late W. L. Minckley click here.

Only authors’ last (family) name have been kept complete in this database, other names are initialized.

Minckley ID is a unique identification number for each reference in the library. The search is provided for individuals who want to relocate a document previously located by other search criteria.

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