A Preliminary Floristic Inventory in the Sierra de Mazatán, Municipios of Ures and Mazatán, Sonora, México

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José Jesús Sánchez-Escalante, Manuel Espericueta-Betancourt, and Reyna Amanda Castillo-Gámez

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Presently, the flora of the Sierra de Mazatán contains 357 species of vascular plants distributed in 248 genera and 80 families. The families with the most species are Asteraceae (48), Fabaceae (45), Poaceae (28), Euphorbiaceae (18), and Acanthaceae, Cactaceae, Scrophulariaceae, and Solanaceae (11 each). The results show that the flora of the Sierra de Mazatán is diverse. However, with additional collections, the number of species could double. For the future, it would be necessary to collect sites that were not sampled; in different habitats, especially on the north side, and in Cerro Prieto, on the extreme southwest part of the Sierra.