Micrurus distans distans record (West Mexican Coral Snake)

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Thomas Van Devender, Erik Enderson

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Micrurus distans distans (West Mexican Coral Snake). Mexican: Sonora: Municipio de yecora. 3.7 km (by Hwy. 16) E. of Rio Maycoba between Yecora and Mayacoba (28°23'21" N, 108°441'47" W.) 1415 m elev. 15 August 2003. M. C. Penalba. C. Onega. F. Paz, A. L. Reina-G., and T. R. Van Dovender. Verified by George Bradley. UAZ 56584-PSV. FirS! record for Ihe Municipio de Yecora and northernmost record for the species. extending the range ca. 119 km (airline) NW from the vicinity of Balosegachic, Chihuahua (Campbell and Lamar. 2004. The Venomous Repliles of the Western Hemisphere. Vol. I. Comstock. Ithaca, NewYork.475pp.)and155km(airline) NE of Alamos. Sonora (Schwalbe and Lowe 2000. Robichoux and Yetman [eds.]. The Tropical Deciduous Forest of Alamos. Biodiversity of a Threatened Ecosystem in Mexico. pp. 172-199. University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona). The snake was DOR in grass-land with scattered oaks. Submitted by THOMAS R. VAN DEVENDER, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and ERIK f. ENDERSON, Drylands Institute (e-mail:erikenderson@msn.com).