Rancho El Aribabi, Sonora

Yerba mansa flowers at El AribabiRancho El Aribabi is half of an hour east of Imuris and stretches (the long dimension - 10,000 acres total area) from the Rio Cocospera up into the Sierra Azul. The owner is attempting to diversify from destructive cattle ranching by using the ranch for research, hunting, birdwatching, camping, and group retreats. Owner Carlos Robles Elias has taken cows off much of the ranch, which is recovering nicely. A lush ribbon or riparian vegetation grow along the Rio Cocospera, which flows strongly through the ranch. The bird life here is impressive, including this northernmost recorded breeding Sinaloan Wren.

The mountainous upper ranch is encinal (oak forest) and oak savannah. Grasslands between trees is gorgeous and has recovered amazingly well from cattle. On one trip during the 45 minute drive to our mammal tracking site we saw nearly 20 deer, a golden eagle, and as soon as we stepped out of the truck mountain lion tracks greeted us. Jaguars and breedign Ocelots are known from the ranch.

Carlos is interested in groups using the ranch and generous accommodations for a reasonable fee. You can contact Rancho El Aribabi through their website at http://elaribabi.com/.

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