Cajón del Agua

Cajón del Agua, near Estación Llano, Sonora

Part of the Rio Magdalena watershed, Cajón del Agua starts near the southern end of the Sierra La Madera and by Rancho La Lamina. It flows west on the north side of the Sierra Cucurpe. The Cajón is exceptional in a couple ways. First it is very tropical for its northerly location with real Sinaloan thorn-scrub. Species include Ficus petiolaris (rock fig), Bursera fageroides, B. laxiflora, Lysiloma microphylla, L. watsonii, and Fouquieria macdougalii (tree ocotillo), as well as a palm species Brahea nitida. Secondly it has a perennial creek and beautiful canyon walls that harbor a very lush bottom of riparian trees including sycamore, cottonwood, several willow species, walnut, mulberry, and more.

Equally amazing is the diversity of birds recorded there including nesting black hawks, nutting's flycatchers, sinaloan wrens, happy wrens, fan-tailed warblers, rufous-capped warblers, and yellow-billed cuckoos.

The canyon walls and scenery are stunning. This is a special place! Cajon de Agua photos here.

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