New photo of same Ocelot in Huachuca Mountains

Today a new photo from May 26th, 2011 of an Ocelot in the Huachuca Mountains was released by the AZ Game and Fish Dept. The photo was given to AZGFD by two hunters who had set up an automated trail camera. The press release (attached here) says AZGFD will show the photo to biologists to determine if it is the same individual photographed on Feb. 8 of 2011.

After looking the photos over briefly it is becomes apparent that the 2 separate photo records are from the same individual. This is great news for people who care about the region's fauna. With a minimum of almost 4 months in the range, this ocelot seems to have taken up residence in the Huachuca Mountains.

Click on this image for larger version. Colored circles indicate duplicated patterns on the left foreleg of this cat showing that this is almost certainly the same individual. Wild Sonora is the first to compare photo and bring you this exciting info.

Ocelot photo comparison from the Huachuca Mountains, AZ

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