Sonoran Desert

  • Population trends, extinction risk, and conservation guidelines for Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls in the Sonoran Desert cover image

Climatic flux together with anthropogenic changes in land use and land cover pose major threats to wildlife, but our understanding of their combined impacts is limited. In arid southwestern North...

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By Garry Rogers

(First in series on Sonoran Desert invasive plants.)

Introduction to Invasive Plants in Deserts


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Investigations of processes that drive animal distribution and abundance are often approached at one of two different scales and therefore focus on different processes. At local scales, animals...

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Trip supported by Maricopa Audubon Society to inventory birds and plants of the area.

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The Monte Desert of Argentina and the Sonoran Desert of North America are very similar in most aspects of their physical environments. The origins and the degree of affinity of thefaunas of three...

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Pair of black-throated sparrows on Celtis pallida
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