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Livelihoods washed away by toxic spill in Sonora: http://t.co/sRatb90i8c2 years 6 months ago
Buenavista Mine still leaking, blocking investigation (http://t.co/EpHHyKzzAh) begins leaking into San Pedro River (http://t.co/l596hYZp57). — 2 years 7 months ago
Hurricane Odile may deliver heavy rain to Baja states, Sonora, and Arizona. Good for the Sonoran Desert. http://t.co/Rf7HN4KNwE2 years 7 months ago
(Rio Sonora acid/heavy metal spill) No Apology From Mining Tycoon for Worst Ecological Disaster In Mexico's History http://t.co/SnI8YDxP4C2 years 7 months ago
Giant crack opens up in ground near Hermosillo. http://t.co/Qz0uj4h2XV2 years 8 months ago
Vaquita Porpoise Faces Imminent Extinction in upper gulf of California—Can It Be Saved? http://t.co/q5Bdb2zEsq2 years 8 months ago
More in BBC on Rio Sonora acid contamination: http://t.co/OiT4j1mZa62 years 8 months ago
See the new Spanish language Sonoran birding magazine. The current issue focuses on Pygmy-owls in Western Sonora. http://t.co/A3buAKV48Q2 years 8 months ago
Rios Bacanuchi and Sonora were contaminated on Wed (Aug 8, 2014) with Sulfuric acid from Cananea mining activities. http://t.co/04SO1Damxs2 years 8 months ago
Mexico reports 1st litter of wolf cubs in the wild (northern Sierra Madre)! http://t.co/JnQ1NOQmED via 2 years 9 months ago
Train, truck traffic on upswing as Arizona-Sonora trade increases, Route 15 getting work: http://t.co/BYnTC4DWvf2 years 11 months ago
History of Bighorn Sheep on Tiburon Island: http://t.co/FrIMpGuQap3 years 1 week ago
During the worst drought in more than a century, the Colorado River may flow to the sea once more. https://t.co/86ofrxEd0i 3 years 1 month ago
‘Jaguaricidio’ en Sonora; matan y calcinan a hembra en un rancho: Naturalia http://t.co/GudCxV8jRp3 years 1 month ago
Jaguars Gain 1,194 Square Miles of Critical Habitat in Southwest US http://t.co/cFGRcytcVk3 years 1 month ago
Comment on Coronado Forest Management Plan by March 6 - this dictates your forest management for > 10 years: http://t.co/20waM98sXe3 years 1 month ago
Mexico's 'El Chapo' Joaquin Guzman arrested http://t.co/mUJZXu6GtK3 years 2 months ago
Yaquis to end road block protest over aqueduct if agreement is followed: Yaqui River water only for human consumption http://t.co/A45wKUYRl73 years 2 months ago
Higher than usual cartel fighting in recent weeks. Be careful in Sonora. — 3 years 3 months ago
Port of Guaymas set to double its capacity, seeks Arizona ties: http://t.co/famg3VHgVz3 years 3 months ago